Accessibility Statement

Halperin Consulting Group (hereinafter “hms”) aims to make information accessible to people with disabilities. As part of this process and in accordance with the provisions of the law, hms has uploaded a new, accessible website, which is adapted for people with disabilities and which includes a variety of measures which enhance the website’s ease of use (hereinafter “the website”).

The website was built in accordance with the Israeli Equal Rights For People With Disabilities (Accessibility Adjustments Made To Services) Regulations 2013. The entire website was designed and built in compliance with the AA level Standard.

hms believes in and takes action to facilitate equal opportunities in the Internet sphere for people who are coping with various disabilities and/or for those who use assistive technologies when using a computer. 

Here are the actions which have been taken as part of making the website accessible: 

  1. The means for navigating the website and for being orientated therein are simple and easy to use.
  2. The website’s contents are written in a simple and clear language and are well organized by using headings and lists.
  3. A fixed and uniform format has been used for all the website’s subsites and pages. 
  4. The website has been adapted to fit different work environments using different resolutions.
  5. The website is responsive and is adapted for use by a wide range of devices.
  6. The website’s pages provide the option to highlight links and headings.
  7. It is possible to change font size by using the side menu. 
  8. It is possible to change the font type to a more readable one.
  9. It is possible to change website color contrast by clicking on the website’s contract button. 
  10. It is possible to block flashing by halting any moving elements and by blocking any flashing.

It has to be stressed that, despite our best efforts to make all parts of the website accessible, there may be some pages which have not yet been made accessible or which have been made partly accessible, because they may contain external text files, external links to websites, external audio or video clips which do not enable subtitles, etc.

As part of our continued commitment to enable use of this website by the entire population, we shall continue to tirelessly endeavor to improve its accessibility. If, while surfing this website, you encounter a difficulty regarding accessibility, we will be grateful for receiving your feedback. Our accessibility team is available via a range of channels for receiving your input. 

For inquiries regarding website accessibility, you can contact:

Name: Retti Hamawi

Position: Head of Financial Innovation and Long-Terms Savings, Accessibility Coordinator at hms

Phone: 03-762-2900


Fax: 03-522-4402

Postal address: 77 Ben Gurion St., Tel Aviv-Yafo 

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