With over three decades of experience, hms has established itself as a specialist in consulting, software development and integration of large-scale IT solutions for both large and medium-sized organizations. What sets us apart is our unique expertise in each individual area and our ability to seamlessly integrate all the different aspects, thereby delivering to our clients comprehensive IT solutions. We are proud to consistently be acknowledged as the leading IT strategic consulting firm in Israel.

centers of excellence

IT Strategy ​Consulting​

IT Strategy Consulting
Providing a competitive edge through fit-to-measure IT strategies
Financial Innovation
Strengthen and grow organizations through creative solutions
Advanced Technology & Infrastructure
Unlocking innovation through advanced technology solutions and infrastructure modernization

Core Banking & Financial IT

Core Banking, Financial & Securities Systems
Fostering growth by optimizing core banking functions
Insurance & Long-Term Savings
Streamlining operations in insurance and long-term savings plans through advanced technological solutions
Financial ERP & GL Systems
Enabling compliant and informed financial management


RPA and AI integrated solutions
Providing a long-lasting business edge
Accelerating innovation with minimal hand-coding for rapid application development
Maximizing efficiency through streamlined business process and customer relationship solutions


Financial Data & Risk
Enhancing risk management through data-driven strategies and customized solutions
Regulation & Public Policy
Designing policies in order to implement successful and effective regulation
Owning the process, controlling the risk
Developing methods for disaster prevention and recovery
Data Security & Cyber Defense
Preventing and managing cyber risk


Data Migration & Cleansing Services
In-house product configuration and development
Transforming data into operational insights for informed decision-making and growth
Enterprise Performance Management
Enhancing decision making through comprehensive performance management solutions

IT Management ​

Project Portfolio Management
Streamlining project governance for measurable business value
Outsourcing & IT Placement
Placing experts in the industry in order to optimize business capabilities
Security & Emergency Management Systems
Enhancing resilience with comprehensive security solutions
Bridging development and operations for continuous integration and delivery


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