RPA and AI integrated solutions

hms’s RPA department enables organizations to significantly expand their organizational automation capabilities. This is done through extending the processes of integration and automation also to business processes and IT management processes, which up until now were perceived to be too complex or expensive for implementation using standard technologies.

hms is UiPath’s only USN partner in Israel, performing implementations at a professional level identical to that of the manufacturer. Also, according to STKI survey, hms maintains, over the course of many years, the title of the leading company in Israel for implementation of RPA solutions.

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Robotic Process Automation

Providing a long-lasting business edge

Our RPA department offers a comprehensive service, from providing advice, through to solution implementation and set up, and providing RPA, AI and organizational automation optimal maintenance and operational services through organizational centers of excellence. That would also include carrying out Automated Testing, based on appropriate organizational architecture and structure. hms maintains the largest center of expertise in Israel for RPA and Testing Automation, which is based on proven methodologies.

hms clients enjoy qualitative, stable and fast RPA applications which include using organizational dashboards and ongoing monitoring of the robots’ activity. Additionally, the department has developed templates, directories and services which have upgraded the manufacturer’s platform, have expanded capabilities and  accelerated development, thereby achieving standardization for the development team.

hms closely collaborates with the manufacturer of the platform, thereby ensuring the company remains at all times at the forefront of knowledge, and that it continues to provide the best service possible to its clients. 

Clients’ satisfaction is our top priority, and we therefore heavily invest in automation research and process development, and this also includes integration of AI solutions and processes by using new AI-based models. Our team is well experienced and familiar with UiPath platform architecture and all its technological aspects. We understand clients’ requirements and offer customized, made-to-measure solutions which personally fit every challenge.

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The range of our services

Providing advice to organizations’ RPA centers of expertise

Our team of professionals provides consultation services for the setting up of organizational RPA centers of excellence including client management. We also provide the services of client management, overall architectural planning for serial implementation of RPA at “factory” level, as well as full integration of RPA into the organizational infrastructure. We work closely with our clients in order to understand their automation requirements, and design RPA solutions tailored to their business goals. Consultation includes, inter alia, an initial assessment of the processes which may suit robotic automation.

Development of AI-integrated RPA

Our team of skilled developers specializes in building optimal robotic processes which replace routine human operations, as well as applications of an intuitive nature. We do this by incorporating AI tools into a wide variety of applications and systems. Common RPA-AI combinations are: extraction and decryption of information from documents (Document Understanding), analyzing inquiries from customers which are received via the various communication channels (Communication Mining), automatic tests (Testing Automation) and more.

We focus on advanced development techniques and ensure our RPA solutions are efficient, reliable and scalable.

Document Understanding

The department possesses high AI capabilities, as well as capabilities of extracting and decrypting information from documents. These abilities, combined with RPA – generate end-to-end automation also for processes previously requiring manual action for extracting information from documents. Examples for such documents would be: invoices, contracts, agreements, identity cards and more.

Communication Mining

An AI engine for analyzing inquiries received from customers via the various channels – such as email, chat or service tickets. The engine is able to automatically understand customers’ intentions and requests and route them to the appropriate organizational department, without having to resort to initial understanding and labeling by human users. This results in an improved, accelerated and streamlined customer service cycle – with RPA operational processes forming an integral part of this.

Testing Automation 

Automatic testing is a field of activity which generates bi-products similar to RPA. This is also a process which is based on automatic processes in organizational systems, and therefore most RPA platforms also offer a Testing Automation module, which is based on a common development tool (Studio), as well as a professional profile and identical development skills.

It is possible to use automatic testing for carrying out testing for all types of organizational systems, including testing for Mobile Device development of the various types of devices. It is also possible to integrate automatic testing into organizational DevOps tools, thereby making automatic testing an integral part of the process of uploading versions of organizational developments onto the production environment.


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