Core Banking, Financial & Securities Systems

hms’s Department of Core Banking, Financial and Securities Systems offers a wide range of IT software solutions which are mostly designated for banks and for financial bodies. These solutions cover most aspects of modern and traditional banking, including digital banking, loans, deposits, securities, anti money laundering, payments, digital channels, Open Banking solutions, management of collaterals, and more.

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Core Banking, Financial and Securities Systems

Fostering growth by optimizing core banking functions

Core Banking, Financial and Securities Systems department carries out various activities in financial sectors, such as the provision of strategic IT consulting services and managing complex cross-organizational projects. We are famous for our ability to effectively integrate advanced IT systems with existing legacy systems, which results in improved operational efficiency of financial bodies. Through our proven experience in project management, we excel in seamlessly integrating these technologies.

The teams in this department have a deep understanding of our clients’ business activity, and are thoroughly familiar with the specific banking and financial regulations which are unique to the Israeli market. Additionally, we are extensively  knowledgeable of a variety of IT solutions available in Israel and abroad. This unique mix of expertise enables us to offer our clients high quality services and solutions which integrate in-depth business knowledge and technological solutions which are tailored to clients’ requirements. 

One of our key strengths is our expertise in handling large and complex assimilation projects. This includes a specific expertise in carrying out large migration projects. We specialize in critical aspects of core banking, including securities, complex financial instruments, accounting, risk management, anti money laundering and more. This specialized focus enables us to provide excellent services to clients, spanning across various professional areas. 

hms stands out for its professionalism and comprehensive expertise, along with its proven track record in the banking, finance, and technology sectors. Furthermore, our high-level skill set in coordinating large-scale IT projects ensures that our clients’ requirements are met in a timely manner and with minimum risk. We are fully committed to delivering high-quality solutions which exceed expectations.

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Core Banking Systems and Financial Services

hms possesses extensive knowledge and a proven track record of successfully executing complex projects within the core systems discipline. We are experts in the implementation of all stages, from identifying the solution which is most suitable for the bank – to seamlessly integrating and implementing the selected solution. Within this field, our company has a unique specialization in the area of data migration and data enhancement of complex banking and financial systems.

Open Banking

hms provides the services of consultation and implementation of Open Banking IT solutions for financial institutions and fintech companies. This is an effort which involves the cultivation of product development innovation, integration of disruptive players, enhancement of consumer options, and more. Open Banking provides financial institutions with new opportunities to effectively compete for consumers’ attention, and hms accompanies and assists these institutions throughout the entire process, in both their capacities as  providers of information and consumers of information.

Anti Money Laundering

hms has a wealth of experience in the field of Anti Money Laundering, Counter Terrorism Financing, US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and Common Reporting Standard (CRS) as well as ancillary local legislation. Throughout the years, we have been leveraging our in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements and business processes associated with these areas, and have therefore been able to provide our clients with the mechanized IT solutions which are best suited to clients’ requirements in this delicate field.  

Financial Regulation Advice

hms has accumulated more than 30 years of experience in effectively navigating the regulatory landscape on behalf of financial institutions in Israel. Not only do we possess extensive knowledge of all regulatory requirements, but we also have a deep understanding of the business and technical aspects necessary to provide our clients with the ideal IT solutions.

Trading Systems, Securities and Financial Instruments Back Office Systems

We are highly skilled in the areas of trading systems, systems for the provision of financial advice and securities back office systems, with a specialization in derivative financial instruments, such as forwards, options and other contractual instruments. Our vast knowledge of both domestic and international trading activities, paired with our expertise in state-of-the-art IT solutions, enable us to deliver tailor-made solutions which are designed to meet our clients’ specific requirements. 

Our department possesses comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the various financial instruments in the local and international markets. We are thoroughly familiar with the various valuation and risk management techniques, accounting and posting methods, and with the regulatory arrays put in place for such instruments.


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