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Data Migration

We specialize in handling complex data migration projects, particularly focusing on migration of data and of applications from on-site or legacy systems to cloud-based and open environments.

Data Cleansing and Data Integration

Preserving the quality of data maintained in the organization’s databases and core systems, by executing data cleansing end-to-end data enrichment in accordance with the requirements of the target systems and users throughout the migration process. 

Data Reconciliation in Migration Projects

Executing a complete accounting and financial reconciliation of migrated data by carrying out a comparison between the system of origin and the target system. Assisting internal auditors and risk managers with coping with challenges emanating from data migration.

Strategic Data Migration Advice

Devising data migration architecture and strategy in accordance with the organization’s workflows, overall business goals and long-term vision.

Solidifying and Guiding Data Migration Workflows and KPIs

Devising workflows for the implementation data migration projects, and providing guidance throughout the migration process. Configuring and assimilating key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of the project through to completion. 

Migration Project Management

Managing complex data migration projects, from the planning stage through to implementation, whilst giving full attention to all phases of the project and executing strict supervision over successful execution, ensuring all targets are met. 


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