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hms specializes in data migration, data cleansing and data Integration. We have an excellent reputation for handling organizational data and complex IT systems. The data migration process is performed in a seamless and secure manner, preserving data integrity. As part of this process we expertly merge diverse data sources, thereby executing data cleansing and data integration and creating a uniform and coherent database, which in turn reinforces client confidence in the fact the data migration process has been executed to completion.

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Data Integration & Migration Services

In-house product configuration and development

Seamless data migration is critical when organizational management teams are preparing for replacement, conversion, and modernization of IT systems. Such projects are necessary when migrating to the cloud or as a result of some business or regulatory requirement which dictates that organizational data is maintained at a high level of quality.

Our three main areas of expertise, data migration, data cleansing and data integration, enable organizations to manage data in a controlled and automated manner – both on an ongoing basis as well as when executing large-scale projects. This is achieved by utilizing our experienced and professional teams and by using hms’ C-Way – a system developed by us in-house, specifically for this purpose.

One of the issues most sensitive in the field of IT systems is converting data of core organizational systems. High-quality data enable qualitative decision-making and facilitate the maximization of organizational growth potential. 

Over the years, hms has successfully executed dozens of data migration, data integration and data cleansing projects, particularly focusing on migrating core financial and banking systems. We are considered the leading company in this field in Israel, and are renowned for affording our clients peace of mind and complete confidence in the accuracy and quality of the input  in comparison with the data of systems of origin. Our excellent results are achieved through using comparison and control tools used by external accountants as well as by internal and regulatory auditors who are occasionally required to run controls on the quality of data migration projects. 

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Data Migration

We specialize in handling complex data migration projects, particularly focusing on migration of data and of applications from on-site or legacy systems to cloud-based and open environments.

Data Cleansing and Data Integration

Preserving the quality of data maintained in the organization’s databases and core systems, by executing data cleansing end-to-end data enrichment in accordance with the requirements of the target systems and users throughout the migration process. 

Data Reconciliation in Migration Projects

Executing a complete accounting and financial reconciliation of migrated data by carrying out a comparison between the system of origin and the target system. Assisting internal auditors and risk managers with coping with challenges emanating from data migration.

Strategic Data Migration Advice

Devising data migration architecture and strategy in accordance with the organization’s workflows, overall business goals and long-term vision.

Solidifying and Guiding Data Migration Workflows and KPIs

Devising workflows for the implementation data migration projects, and providing guidance throughout the migration process. Configuring and assimilating key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of the project through to completion. 

Migration Project Management

Managing complex data migration projects, from the planning stage through to implementation, whilst giving full attention to all phases of the project and executing strict supervision over successful execution, ensuring all targets are met. 


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