Business and operational continuity are critical points in the survival of organizations, particularly where disruptions or disasters occur, which impair an organizations’ ability to carry on with ongoing activity. Preparing well and foreseeing future events should drastically reduce the risk of shut down and may even prevent it completely. hms specializes in developing and implementing BCP and DRP solutions specifically customized to fit each client, which help maintain a competitive edge in an ever-evolving business landscape.

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Developing methods for disaster prevention and recovery

hms is a pioneer in the field of business continuity and operational continuity and has been a groundbreaking leader in this field in Israel for over thirty years. Throughout the years, hms has planned, set up and exercised dozens of recovery solutions in a wide variety of enterprise organizations on a large scale. In the financial sector, we have done this for banks, insurance and credit companies, capital market companies, and government and pseudo-government offices. In non financial sectors we have partnered with other large entities such as health insurance funds, universities, Israel Railways, El-Al Airlines, numerous industrial plants and more.

In today’s world, organizations are constantly having to deal with numerous threats – for example, cyber threats. 

It is crucial for all companies and organizations to be prepared for any eventuality in order to maintain operational and business continuity, and be able to quickly recover from disaster incidents. 

Preparing for acute situations involves applying technological solutions and at the same time formulating comprehensive action plans for the recovery of the entire operation, including operations relying on human resources. A recovery plan must include guidelines, practice directions and drills developed on the basis of preparation as aforesaid. hms possesses extensive expertise in devising technological solutions in multidisciplinary environments, as well as in-depth familiarity with companies’ various core business activities across different sectors.

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Disaster Recovery Plan

DRP involves preparing a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) for the organization, assessing the importance, sensitivity and effect of ongoing business activity, and preparing a scaling of the resources allocated to support each process. These resources may be IT and manpower resources, as well as structures, various measures and more. The BIA assists in identifying and predicting potential threats and damage levels. It assesses the level of services the organization may be able to deliver post-disaster, and gradually – after the incident occurred – it examines prioritizations for activities at organizational level, and presents alternative activities while estimating the costs and schedules for implementation. 

Business Continuity Plan Including in Cyber Incidents

Preparing a BCP which includes a Business Action Plan – based on the technological recovery solution and outlining business recovery stages on a timeline, from the moment a disaster occurs. The plan will be addressing various parameters, such as the level of service (compared to normal level of service) to be provided at each stage. This plan is to be practiced periodically and will include additional layers with increasing complexity in each practice, incorporating insights gained from previous practices as well as best practices accumulated within hms and within the organization itself.

Strategic BCP/DRP Advice for Management

Solidifying various policy documents, with particular emphasis placed on engaging the management and board of directors in actively being committed to reaching feasible and optimal solutions.

Business Continuity Risk Management

Carrying out a professional and correct analysis of the organization’s critical business activity, and managing any potential risks and threats. This would involve characterizing the organization’s requirements and capabilities, and setting up an efficient and cost-effective solution which maps out activity risk in recovery situations as well as risks which are inherent in returning-to-normal operations at the permanent site.

Performing Extreme Scenario Testing and Simulations

Carrying out simulations for detriment scenarios (not disaster scenarios), devising models for handling varying levels of damage, and conducting recovery drills in accordance with up-to-date methodologies which draws upon extensive accumulated knowledge and experience gained on the basis of hundreds of drills executed on the ground. 

IT DRP and Data Center Setup Solution

Characterization and electromechanical design, setting up communication and IT infrastructures re-uploading of apps – whilst taking into account a wide variety of parameters and internal and external organizational constraints and effects. Taking all this into account, we provide a variety of solutions, including geographically remote recovery sites, Data Center, cloud solutions, third copies, and more.


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