Data Security & Cyber Defense

Data security and cyber defense are essential elements in the digital era. Organizations are constantly being cyber attacked by hostile entities, and this makes it essential for them to come up with comprehensive solutions and strategic insights aiming to fortify existing defenses and develop up-to-date, new ones – thereby making sure sensitive information is being protected effectively. For the past 25 years and longer, hms has been regarded a leading provider of a variety of data security and cyber services.

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Data Security and Cyber Defense

Preventing and managing cyber risk

We prepare long-term strategies, policies, practice directions, various types of penetration testing and work for being granted Standard 27001 certificates, as well as manage information security risk, and more. Additionally, hms is a leader in the field of implementing the role of “Information Security Manager” which includes the role of “Office Holders” in companies, which requires regulatory approval. This important role includes the responsibility for drafting policies and practice directions as well as drafting annual and multi-annual work plans to address any uncovered gaps and risks – all the while making sure that organizational goals are met, all regulatory requirements are complied with and any organizational contractual obligations are fulfilled.    

We are proud of the professional capabilities of our highly skilled and experienced team, who manage data security in a wide variety of organizations. We cover the entire life cycle of activity in this field: from formulating strategies and policies, through to conducting information security surveys and assessments, implementing tools, managing systems, solidifying and implementing practice directions, carrying out training and liaising with regulators.

We believe that a comprehensive and proactive approach is necessary for protecting organizations from the growing number of threats in this field. Through our package of services, we offer insights, experience and in-depth knowledge in the data security field that can help organizations to create a made-to-measure strategy tailored to their specific requirements. Such a strategy would of course plan for isolated data security events, but will mainly be about taking a proactive approach, facilitating ongoing and continuously developing data protection. 

hms possesses extraordinary capabilities in handling information security and cyber challenges. Being a large and longstanding financial consulting company, our expertise includes in-depth understanding of the structure of the business, enabling us to formulate an overview of the business’s environment and possible threats, and optimize organizational protection cost-effectively.

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The range of our services

Data Security Services

hms provides an extensive organizational data security management package. This may include appointing our own data security officer for the organization, and will involve drafting of policies, guidelines and practice directions, preparing annual and multi-annual work plans, and more. Our models make it possible to prioritize tasks simultaneously along with making progress and adjusting activity to fit work plans, all the while taking into account ever changing threats and the organization’s capacity to assimilate the process and apply it in an optimal manner.

Creating Organizational Awareness

We provide organizations with tools and knowledge for creating an effective cybersecurity awareness plan. We achieve this by planning and executing formal education, e-learning packs, real-time attack simulations, and innovative learning modules. Our goal is to ensure that the organization is well-prepared for all scenarios and events.

Holistic Risk Analysis Services

We specialize in formulating risk management methodologies which analyze organizational behavior along a defined timeline. Our customized risk surveys include cyber readiness assessments, data security risk surveys, Business Impact Analysis (BIA), and more. By conducting these assessments, we ensure our clients stay up-to-date and protected at all times from potential risks.

Targeted Data Protection Services

hms provides targeted, made-to-measure services to fit clients’ requirements, such as: penetration tests, assimilation of data, databases management and registration, preparation for being granted ISO 27001 certification, and creating a budget-based work plan. These services enable businesses to reduce cyberattack risk and ensure data is protected, and thereby to improve operational efficiency.

Business Continuity

We specialize in creating business continuity plans to help mitigate the impact of cyber incidents. Our strategies are tailored to address overall organizational requirements, from management level down to requirements of departments and individuals. We create action plans which provide targeted and quick responses to cyber incidents, thereby helping organizations to minimize the damage caused by such events, using our accumulated knowledge and best practices.

Cloud Support and Outsourcing

hms provides a wide range of services to companies who operate in cloud environments. These services would include carrying out characterization, testing and providing ongoing support. Our experts are also able to provide outsourced data security management, assistance in positioning data security officers in all areas, as well as anomalies exceptions monitoring analysis. We also provide support for carrying out secure code development and carry out actual management of security systems applications. Our expertise enables us to guarantee security at the highest level for organizations.


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