Financial Data & Risk

In the business world, great importance is attributed to the significance of financial data and risk assessment, since these enable the making of informed decisions and the carrying out of optimal performance evaluation. They are also crucial to creating investors’ confidence, compliance with regulatory requirements, and for effective risk management. We leverage data-driven insights in order to design, implement, review, and enhance expertise in processes which are based on financial data and make sure these processes are efficient and effective, by adopting a practical approach to instigating improvement and innovation.

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Financial Data & Risk

Enhancing risk management through data-driven strategies and customized solutions

Our Financial Data and Risk Department possesses a deep understanding of the complexities inherent in processes which involve financial data and the building of models. We are well-equipped with tools and methodologies  which provide optimal solution to a variety of requirements of financial institutions.

We are able to easily locate and connect experts coming from different fields and dealing with different issues, and are therefore able to provide solutions which involve financing, technical and operational requirements, industrial engineering, etc., which thereby meet the challenges our clients are facing. 

Our teams’ extensive experience, creative thinking and knowledge accumulated over the course of many years, enable us to provide solutions which are personally customized to fit any situation and requirement. 

We take pride in being able to offer our clients very diverse experience and expertise and the ability to explore different approaches and options – using the latest technologies and solutions. We are committed to ‘feeling the pulse‘, anticipating the future, identifying trends and recommended methods, and ensuring our clients are always kept up-to-date.

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The range of our services

Development and Validation of Financial Models

By incorporating data-based models as well as models devised by experts, we are able to carry out repeated testing, full validation, complete or partial design and precise adaptations of the models we provide or develop. We also design and manage decision-making processes which are based on configured input data. These processes may range from exercising risk assessment models to implementing automated systems. This enables us to create customized solutions for our clients, thereby ensuring that the final result is both efficient and effective.

Credit Activity Turnover Services

hms provides a range of services in the credit activity realm. These services include writing up credit policies, solidifying pricing practice directions, underwriting design and review, devising collection and risk management methodologies, as well as developing and implementing managerial tools. hms has developed the CWay solution, a credit data management and reporting system designed to meet the challenge of managing credit ledger reportable data in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Management of Asset Liability and Market risks (ALM)

Our Financial Data and Risk Department provides a plethora of services to credit bodies, such as extreme scenario testing, financial risk assessments, policy implementation, advice regarding risk management methodologies, and software solutions. Additionally, we assist credit institutions to develop and implement practice directions regarding the receiving of data from credit bureaus and regarding the reporting of data to the credit ledger. By providing these services we aim to ensure that credit institutions are able to adhere to compliance requirements and maintain a stable and healthy financial status.

Pricing and Profitability 

We specialize in optimizing data-based financial processes. We carefully examine pricing practice directions and analyze implicit and explicit incentives contained therein. This service enables our clients to easily and effectively identify and measure their sources of income and profitability.

Optimization of Data-Driven Financial Processes 

Our Financial Data and Risk Department has proven expertise in helping clients to plan new processes, execute audits and controls, document and comply with regulatory requirements, conduct gap surveys, and improve operational efficiency, all aiming to provide our clients with the highest level of service in all of hms’s areas of expertise. 

Management of Reporting Made to the Credit Database

The services we provide include drafting and implementing practice directions for complying with requirements for receiving data from credit bureaus and for submitting reports to the credit ledger. We offer our clients our own software – CWay – a solution which assists credit institutions in complying with regulatory requirements and in reporting data. CWay simplifies the process and allows credit institutions to efficiently manage their data reporting processes.

Solidifying a “Financial Operations Processes Constitution” 

Our Financial Data and Risk Department specializes in formulating and constructing a business framework for financial operations processes. We develop and manage decision-making processes on the basis of established input data. Such processes may include the implementation of a risk assessment model, a contingent service proposal and any other “if-then” process. Our team of experts is well-versed in these areas and is committed to delivering the best results uncompromisingly.


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