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The public sector is now facing extraordinary challenges in light of the rapid pace of changes and the numerous issues that need to be addressed vis-à-vis various target audiences, and contending with these challenges requires considerable skill, resources, knowledge and creativity. It needs to adapt to its dynamic landscape, and provide the public with solutions and services addressing issues in countless fields.

Building on its own infrastructure of knowledge accumulated through the development of smart solutions for the public sector, hms Group has established the Center of Excellence for Regulation and Public Policy, which offers policy services including planning, formulation and implementation, as well as strategic process management services.

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Regulation and Public Policy Center of Excellence

Designing policies in order to implement successful and effective regulation

The center’s offering, which spans a wide range of subject matter areas, helps its clients become more efficient through process analysis and optimization and reducing bureaucracy. It performs comparative studies of local and international regulations and policies, regulatory analysis and quantification of regulatory costs, and it drafts inspection and enforcement plans. This is done, inter alia, by implementing Public Engagement and Data-Based Analysis tools and conducting Public Policy Risk Management. 

Our team of consultants brings together talents from various fields possessing areas of expertise. Based on our consultants’ aggregate experience, and capitalizing on our technological and development capabilities, we can provide our clients with holistic solutions that address all aspects of any issue they choose to focus on. 

We advise our clients based on our deep understanding of the unique challenges that policymakers and regulators face, while embracing creative thinking and fulfilling our passion for tackling new challenges. We are proud to provide professional consulting services in projects of national importance, tailored to meet our clients’ requirements. 

Our Coverage

The range of our services

Formulation of policy (Smart Regulation – RIA)

Guiding regulatory formulation processes, pursuant to government methodology on policy formulation procedures. We have guided a wide range of processes used to formulate new regulations and optimize existing regulatory requirements. These processes include a Public Engagement toolkit designed to meet the requirements of each regulatory process, performing comparative research to identify alternatives, conducting quantitative and substantive assessments on those alternatives, and to create a risk-based inspection and enforcement system.

We rely on our rich expertise and broad experience when guiding accelerated processes required in times of emergency or whenever a regulation requires an immediate response.

Process and Information Analysis

We help our clients review their existing processes using the following tools:

  • Comparative studies and international reviews meant to locate, collect, process and analyze information. Once a study is complete, we create an accessible tool for learning from international counterparts and examining alternatives that could be implemented locally. 
  • Regulation analysis and direct cost quantification, whereby regulatory process are broken down into duties and actions, the direct cost of each action is quantified, and the estimated economic cost of the process is calculated. Cost analysis and quantification allows policymakers to locate parts of the process that engender economic burdens, examine possible alternatives that can ease those burdens, and create financial savings for specific processes.
  • In-depth business process diagnosis that involves identifying analyzing the process, locating bottlenecks, loads and regulatory burdens, drawing attention to strengths and weaknesses, and assessing how effective the process is in meeting its goals.
  • Collection of regulatory information by analyzing and mapping legislation, regulations and directives, aimed at creating a comprehensive regulatory map and building a database and infrastructure used to devise a strategic action plan. 
Assistance in Establishing and Improving Government Service Processes
  • Provision of strategic guidance in setting up the organizational and process architecture for the provision of government services. This involves mapping service processes, identifying challenges and barriers, and locating target audiences, needs and pain points. For the mapping, we use a variety of methodologies and tools such as local and international reviews, customer journey analyses, and design thinking workshops for innovation and efficiency.
  • Assistance in drafting service policies and writing service level agreements, involving various parties in the organization, using various tools such as forums, and by guiding leading teams and appointing change leaders for the ministry. We help our clients create policy creatively, while meeting those clients’ changing needs, as they build more dynamic and more flexible processes.
  • The creation of work routines and the definition of effectiveness indicators (KPIs) using data analysis and processing for strategic decision-making and the improvement of service processes.
  • Assistance in the improvement and accessibility of information in the various service channels, pursuant to the service policy.
Integrating Innovative Tools into Strategic Processes

Having led countless change and policy formulation processes, we know that they aren’t one-off events. These in-depth processes, which resulted in the formulation of policy and action strategies, continue with a complex effort to implement them, monitor their outcomes, and adapt them to changing needs on the ground.

These are “breathing” processes that require creative and innovative thinking, and call on those involved to constantly remain attentive to relative trends and events. To do so, we offer our clients a variety of tools, developed by COE, which will allow the policy to be sustainable, innovative and in tune with reality in its respective field and target audience. 

These tools include:

  • Ideation workshops on innovation and efficiency: Design thinking workshops, customer journey sessions, and persona characterization, performed jointly with those involved in the processes. Their goal is to identify and analyze challenges in existing processes, and find applicable and creative solutions.
  • Training workshops for formulating policy, examining existing processes and formulating an oversight and enforcement plan.
  • Information accessibility processes: editing, drafting and designing information to make it more accessible to the relevant target audience.
  • Guiding characterization processes for the development of technological tools with the support of HMS Group experts in various fields.

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