Outsourcing & IT Placement

The Outsourcing & IT Placement Division at hms specializes in providing quality and personal service for technological units of our clients in order to find the most suitable employees. We emphasize efficient, fast and professional recruitment for all types of placement: professional, seniors, students and more. We take upon ourselves the management of the recruitment process, including professional training, retention, and personal relationships.

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Business Process Outsourcing

Placing experts in the industry in order to optimize business capabilities

At the Outsourcing & IT Placement Division at hms, we emphasize finding suitable candidates for a variety of positions, as well as providing professional training tailored to the changing needs of the client. We specialize in the governmental, public, and financial sectors. Our goal is to find the most suitable employees through extensive experience and knowledge in recruitment, a rich database of candidates, the use of advanced search tools in the market, deep familiarity with the client’s needs, and maintaining the satisfaction of all parties involved over time.

Furthermore, we place a strong emphasis on employee satisfaction. All employees receive a wide range of welfare services, including highly desirable membership at consumer clubs, company events, professional training, and personalized employee-oriented care. 

At hms, we have a large team of experienced professional recruitment professionals, each specializing in a specific area of IT. Our recruitment professionals undergo dedicated training  to stay at the forefront of evolving technologies.

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The range of our services

Professional Specializations Placement

hms’s recruitment professionals specialize in finding suitable candidates for a variety of professional roles, with an emphasis on recruiting skilled and experienced team members for all stages of software development and projects. Among the professional roles in placement: software engineers, testing engineers, DevOps engineers, systems analysts, UI/UX specialists, data professionals, project managers, and similar.

Senior Placement

The hms team specializes in recruiting senior professionals in the field of information systems: development managers, data architects, cloud architects, software architects, and senior project managers.


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