Project Portfolio Management

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Project Portfolio Management

Streamlining project governance for measurable business value

hms Group operates in the field of project portfolio management through Proceed – a company which was acquired by hms Group in 2012. Proceed is the leading player in Israel in the project management field, providing a variety of services, including consulting, integration and training in the field of management of projects and portfolios, Governance, OCIO, and PMO. Proceed also leads PPM & PMO – Israel’s largest forum in this field, in collaboration with ‘People and Computers’. 

Proceed has made it its motto to promote values such as innovation, professionalism and uncompromising quality.

Hence it has, throughout the years, seen through numerous implementations of efficient and innovative solutions based on local and international best-practices, integrated advanced technological products tailored to fit clients’ requirements, and has enhanced organizational management as well as planning and control processes. 

To maintain a competitive edge and continue to lead in this industry, Proceed focuses on recruiting high-quality teams who are trained experts in their respective fields, as well as on collaborating and working with Tier-1 organizations in Israel and worldwide.

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