Security & Emergency Management Systems

hms Group has developed a solution designated for the management of security, safety and emergency situations in a variety of organizations, aiming to optimally manage activities while taking into account the unique and sensitive requirements which are specific to this field. NATIV is a unique system developed by the best content experts from Israel’s security agencies. This system provides a variety of tools for managing tasks, processes and human resources in organizations, and enables implementation and management of regulatory requirements also when securing sensitive, unique and strategic facilities, for all levels of management.

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Security and Emergency Management systems

Enhancing resilience with comprehensive security solutions

NATIV is an accessible and user-friendly system, which is fully adaptable to the different workflows in various disciplines. This system enables efficient execution of work whilst maintaining control over system users and classification of users. It complies with stringent requirements and supports compliance with various regulatory requirements. All hms professional team members having access to NATIV hold valid, high-level security classifications, which makes them authorized to access systems and workflows in sensitive security organizations.  

Advantages of NATIV:

  • The system has been actively operating for over two decades and is updated with modern technology. It is built modularly,  which allows to select modules and interface with existing systems within the organization.
  • hms is using Agile methodologies for implementing NATIV, which enables the carrying out of requisite adaptations and reconciliations on-the-go. This enables executing system Go-live within a relatively short span of time of a few months. 
  • NATIV has a BI Dashboard – a feature which enables getting a real-time snapshot of all aspects of security, safety and emergencies within the organization. 
  • The system incorporates dynamic tables which enable the carrying out of configurations and on-going changes in a flexible manner, independently by client.
  • NATIV enables interfacing with numerous other systems, such as HR, Audit and Control, ERP systems, and more.   
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The range of our services

Advice and Guidance

The professional team guides the client throughout the entire process of integrating the “Nativ” system , from presenting the system to characterizing and selecting modules, preparing the infrastructure, installation, to defining and implementing system customizations. Our staff is available to address any needs at any time.

Data Migration & Cleansing

The team conducts an examination of the existing data in the legacy systems and collaborates with the relevant parties at the client’s end to convert and migrate the data to the “Nativ” system. This process aims to preserve knowledge and seamlessly assimilate it into the new system.

Ongoing Annual Maintenance Service

We are available to the customer at regular intervals based on the classification of the fault or need, and even earlier if required. Our staff is skilled, readily available, and holds high-security clearance, enabling them to work in customer facilities that demand it.

Human Resources Management

Consolidation and ongoing management of all employees’ HR and security information. This includes the ability to interface with organizational HR systems.

Physical Security and Defense Management

Managing the operational competence of arrays of security, weaponry, and competent plants, and rating levels of security in Israel and abroad with a view to protect physical assets and resources, including human resources.

 Credibility Management 

Managing security clearance investigation processes and regulatory requirements,  as well as managing investigation of employees and employee files.

Planning and Control Management

Management of sets of tasks, including job assignment, training, workflows, etc., including local management of the tables which make up the system. Management of the tables is carried out by the system administrator on behalf of the client, in a user-friendly manner which does not require the involvement of a professional.

Information Security Management

Management of Information Security involves project management, safeguarding operating systems and classified information, conducting experiments and exhibitions, managing and monitoring company inspections, and more.

Technology Management

Management of all IT matters, including laptops and allocation of users, management of inventories of peripheral equipment, auxiliary equipment, encoders and more. 

Practice Directions Management

Management of the organization’s standards and practice directions and/or compliance with any relevant regulatory requirements.


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