Financial Innovation

The financial innovation and process engineering division focuses on business and strategic consulting for organizations and companies. This division assists clients to adopt, promote and manage innovation processes in order to optimize business processes and manage the change within the organization. The uniqueness of this field lies in combining technological knowledge and financial expertise, aiming to provide clients with customized solutions. The division helps to ensure that the culture of innovation and creativity is preserved and fostered.

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Financial Innovation

Strengthen and grow organizations through creative solutions

Financial innovation plays a crucial role in enabling companies and organizations to adapt to the ever-changing business climate and market conditions. Our division focuses on investigating and implementing innovative processes, on developing implementation strategies and on successful integration with existing systems. This is done by assessing the compatibility of these strategies with clients’ requirements and with relevant processes. The uniqueness of what we do lies in integrating technological knowledge and financial expertise, in order to provide clients with customized solutions. 

The division collaborates with the public sector in developing and implementing innovative financial solutions. hms’s expertise includes increasing financial transparency, optimization of budgetary processes, integration of systems for effective financial management, improving compliance and increasing corporate accountability.

Additionally, hms has extensive experience in the private sector, working with a wide range of industries, including banking, insurance and fintech. Our team specializes in understanding the unique challenges and requirements of different sectors and in tailoring the solutions accordingly. 

The division cultivates and preserves a culture of innovation and creativity. We encourage our clients to generate ideas, investigate new approaches and propose innovative solutions to business challenges by exchanging ideas through brainstorming workshops and collaborative initiatives.   

Our Coverage

The range of our services

Strategic Advice

Our expertise lies in assisting clients in solidifying and executing IT strategies which significantly impact our clients’ ability to realize their business goals. Our services stretch across a wide range of advisory areas, including creating a business vision and strategy, devising a comprehensive business plan, analyzing and characterizing existing IT systems, formulating acquisition strategies, implementing and optimizing IT systems, as well as managing IT changes and minimizing risk. 

Regulatory Advice

We provide our clients with support in comprehending regulations and in devising plans for complying with and implementing regulatory requirements. This includes guiding our clients in their interaction and working with regulatory authorities.

Implementation of Financial Technological Processes

We specialize in providing advisory services for the enhancement and renewal of horizontal business processes, both existing and new. We offer comprehensive support to both businesses and technology divisions in efficiently implementing and adopting technological projects.

Supporting Government Offices and Auxiliary Units

We offer comprehensive assistance in devising multi-annual strategies, in planning of effective execution of workflows, as well as in drafting regulations and tenders.

Choosing and Implementing a System 

Our division assists organizations in adapting their systems to market changes and to renewable business processes. This involves selecting and implementing systems which are suited to the organization’s requirements and character. Providing this support involves assessing current and new workflows, identifying the requirements of the new system, preparing application documents for suppliers and service providers (as well as tenders, where necessary), overseeing the process of selecting suppliers and service providers, as well as setting selection criteria and managing the assimilation process from the initial characterization stage through to Go-live.

Digital Processes Engineering 

We oversee and employ digital change processes in order to assist the organization in improving efficiency and implementing automation and innovation processes, while updating and expanding existing and traditional methods.


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