IT Strategy Consulting

For over three decades, hms has been specializing in consulting, development, and integration of large-scale computing solutions for large and mid-sized organizations, as well as for leading governmental organizations.

hms is ranked as the leading strategic IT consulting firm in Israel, and has been continuously noted in STKI market surveys, for 9 years in a row now.

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IT Strategy Consulting

Providing a competitive edge through fit-to-measure IT strategies

We offer our clients a wide range of consulting services aiming to assist in adapting IT arrays to the requirements to our clients’ ongoing operational requirements and business goals. Our expertise empowers decision-makers to make informed choices from the plethora of complex options available in the area of organizational IT systems. Backed by extensive experience and an in-depth grasp of Israel’s financial, governmental, and business fields, our professional consulting team is committed to providing our clients with end products which give added business advantages and value. 

hms takes great pride in being the top choice of Israel’s prominent organizations in the financial and governmental sectors, as well as Israel’s leading corporations financial divisions. We attribute our success to business advantages stemming from several key factors:

  • A team of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals – this is our main tie breaker element.
  • The ability to effectively tackle and resolve large-scale and intricate challenges.
  • Our profound business knowledge enables us to integrate interdisciplinary capabilities. 
  • Applying a client-based approach.  
  • A strong reputation in managing and delivering end-to-end projects within an agreed schedule, without compromising on quality and without exceeding the budget.

We customize our services to fit the unique requirements and goals of every client, and make sure clients’ IT investments fit their business strategies and yield long-term business advantages. 

Our Coverage

The range of our services

Providing Strategic IT Advice

Crafting a comprehensive IT strategy which is synchronized with the organization’s overall business goals and long-term vision.

Architectural Planning for IT Systems

IT architecture planning and optimization to enhance scalability, effectiveness and alignment with organizational goals.

IT Systems Data Cleansing and Migration

Providing end-to-end solutions for data cleansing and migration of complex IT systems. Such solutions are based on many years of experience of carrying out migration projects, whilst using a designated and advanced data cleansing and migration engine.

Solidifying a Cloud Migration Strategy

Assisting clients in planning the cloud migration process, configuring an architecture which suits the organization, while taking into account the effectiveness and cost cutting which ensure from cloud migration. 

Digital Transformation

Assisting organizations in leveraging new technologies to revolutionize operations and  workflows and enhance user experience.

Corporate Governance and IT Compliance

One of our top-selling services, which involves development of effective governance frameworks and ensuring regulatory compliance, aiming to optimally manage and mitigate  IT risks, whilst taking into account information security and protection of privacy issues.

BPM, IT Cost Pricing, CIO & OCIO

Analyzing and refining IT business processes in order to enhance effectiveness and efficiency through the utilization of IT solutions. Identifying opportunities for reducing costs and for IT budget optimization while maintaining optimal performance and organizational information security standards.

Project Management

hms Group has a proven track record in expertly managing complex projects over many years. We are able to provide solutions to clients who wish to ensure that IT projects are completed effectively and successfully, from the initial planning stage through to implementation and going live stage.



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