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IT Strategy Consulting Division

For over three decades, hms has been specializing in consulting, development, and integration of large-scale computing solutions for large and mid-sized organizations, as well as for leading governmental organizations.

hms is ranked as the leading strategic IT consulting firm in Israel, and has been continuously noted in STKI market surveys, for 9 years in a row now.

We offer our clients a wide range of consulting services aiming to assist in adapting IT arrays to the requirements to our clients’ ongoing operational requirements and business goals. Our expertise empowers decision-makers to make informed choices from the plethora of complex options available in the area of organizational IT systems. Backed by extensive experience and an in-depth grasp of Israel’s financial, governmental, and business fields, our professional consulting team is committed to providing our clients with end products which give added business advantages and value. 

hms takes great pride in being the top choice of Israel’s prominent organizations in the financial and governmental sectors, as well as Israel’s leading corporations financial divisions. We attribute our success to business advantages stemming from several key factors:

  • A team of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals – this is our main tie breaker element.
  • The ability to effectively tackle and resolve large-scale and intricate challenges.
  • Our profound business knowledge enables us to integrate interdisciplinary capabilities. 
  • Applying a client-based approach.  
  • A strong reputation in managing and delivering end-to-end projects within an agreed schedule, without compromising on quality and without exceeding the budget.

We customize our services to fit the unique requirements and goals of every client, and make sure clients’ IT investments fit their business strategies and yield long-term business advantages. 

Financial Innovation Division

The financial innovation and process engineering division focuses on business and strategic consulting for organizations and companies. This division assists clients to adopt, promote and manage innovation processes in order to optimize business processes and manage the change within the organization. The uniqueness of this field lies in combining technological knowledge and financial expertise, aiming to provide clients with customized solutions. The division helps to ensure that the culture of innovation and creativity is preserved and fostered.

Financial innovation plays a crucial role in enabling companies and organizations to adapt to the ever-changing business climate and market conditions. Our division focuses on investigating and implementing innovative processes, on developing implementation strategies and on successful integration with existing systems. This is done by assessing the compatibility of these strategies with clients’ requirements and with relevant processes. The uniqueness of what we do lies in integrating technological knowledge and financial expertise, in order to provide clients with customized solutions. 

The division collaborates with the public sector in developing and implementing innovative financial solutions. hms’s expertise includes increasing financial transparency, optimization of budgetary processes, integration of systems for effective financial management, improving compliance and increasing corporate accountability. 

Additionally, hms has extensive experience in the private sector, working with a wide range of industries, including banking, insurance and fintech. Our team specializes in understanding the unique challenges and requirements of different sectors and in tailoring the solutions accordingly. 

The division cultivates and preserves a culture of innovation and creativity. We encourage our clients to generate ideas, investigate new approaches and propose innovative solutions to business challenges by exchanging ideas through brainstorming workshops and collaborative initiatives.   

Advanced Technology & Infrastructure Division

hms Group operates in the field of advanced technology and infrastructures through its subsidiary – FANG Experts – a leader in the field of business technology in Israel. FANG specializes in devising and implementing IT strategies for technological divisions in a wide variety of organizations.

The company helps chief information managers and organizational managements to achieve business goals, realize the organization’s vision, and maximize value – placing emphasis on efficiency, speed and adherence to budgetary restraints. 

The company operates in compliance with the most up-to-date standards in this industry, including: Open Banking, FHIR, and Blockchain. It also provides mentoring for senior managers and assists in implementing organizational strategic programs, thereby helping to create a tangible business value.

FANG has made it its motto to promote the values of creativity, professionalism, and quality and adopted cutting-edge agile concepts in order to optimally reach organizational goals.

Core Banking, Financial and Securities Systems Division

hms’s Department of Core Banking, Financial and Securities Systems offers a wide range of IT software solutions which are mostly designated for banks and for financial bodies. These solutions cover most aspects of modern and traditional banking, including digital banking, loans, deposits, securities, anti money laundering, payments, digital channels, Open Banking solutions, management of collaterals, and more.

Core Banking, Financial and Securities Systems department carries out various activities in financial sectors, such as the provision of strategic IT consulting services and managing complex cross-organizational projects. We are famous for our ability to effectively integrate advanced IT systems with existing legacy systems, which results in improved operational efficiency of financial bodies. Through our proven experience in project management, we excel in seamlessly integrating these technologies.

The teams in this department have a deep understanding of our clients’ business activity, and are thoroughly familiar with the specific banking and financial regulations which are unique to the Israeli market. Additionally, we are extensively  knowledgeable of a variety of IT solutions available in Israel and abroad. This unique mix of expertise enables us to offer our clients high quality services and solutions which integrate in-depth business knowledge and technological solutions which are tailored to clients’ requirements. 

One of our key strengths is our expertise in handling large and complex assimilation projects. This includes a specific expertise in carrying out large migration projects. We specialize in critical aspects of core banking, including securities, complex financial instruments, accounting, risk management, anti money laundering and more. This specialized focus enables us to provide excellent services to clients, spanning across various professional areas. 

hms stands out for its professionalism and comprehensive expertise, along with its proven track record in the banking, finance, and technology sectors. Furthermore, our high-level skill set in coordinating large-scale IT projects ensures that our clients’ requirements are met in a timely manner and with minimum risk. We are fully committed to delivering high-quality solutions which exceed expectations.

Core Insurance & Long-Term Saving Systems Division

Insurance and Long-Term Savings are dynamic sectors which are constantly changing due to fast-changing market conditions and regulatory requirements both in Israel and globally. Our team of professionals specializes in the business and technological aspects relating to information management, management and maintenance of pension products, insurance claims and payment, payment collection, insurance events, interfacing and working vis-a-vis the pensions clearinghouse, and more. 

The Insurance sector is a dynamic sector which is constantly facing technological and regulatory changes. Quick implementation of changes and adjustments, as well as the need to speed up efficiency processes, rely on innovative technological systems and processes along with proper management of the abundant information available in this sector.   

Our team specializes in a variety of systems designated for the insurance sector. We are extensively familiar with, and possess a vast knowledge of pension products and unique experience in all matters relating to interfacing with the central pensions clearinghouse.

Our focus areas include end-to-end characterization of insurance systems, provision of strategic advice in all matters relating to IT systems and corporate governance, management of organizational and operational risk, provision of regulatory advice, configuration of requirements as well as selection and implementation of technological solutions. 

We closely guide our clients through implementing innovation and reform processes, and assist in minimizing technological risks, all the while ensuring the system as a whole remains credible, stable and up-to-date.

Financial ERP & GL Systems Division

hms specializes in Financial Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and General Ledger (GL) software, designed to execute financial planning of organizational resources. These softwares are designed to help businesses manage their daily activities, such as accounting, acquisitions, project and risk management, compliance, supply chain operations, and more. Our experts focus on various financial models, including general ledgers, customer and supplier ledgers, budget control, and other ERP services, in order to ensure data compatibility across different systems.

The Financial ERP & GL Systems Department offers clients the opportunity to access reports created in Oracle’s BI tools in the cloud. These reports include categorizing clients based on their level of risk and CECL (current expected credit loss). This allows for data comparison and report generation across multiple databases. Our team specializes in generating real-time performance reports, thereby affording the organization an edge when making decisions. 

This department’s activities involve selecting and assimilating ERP systems such as  SAP and Oracle, as well as accounts-related systems such as XBRL reporting systems, credit risk reporting systems, and CECL. 

In order to ensure consistent data reporting across different areas, we have established a centralized system for regulatory reports submitted to the Bank of Israel. Oracle’s Business Intelligence (BI) tools in the cloud are used for creating the basis for the reporting. This tool also enables further analysis of reported data, for the assimilation of smart controls – such as graphical displays, manipulation of data and connecting between the financial information database and other business databases within the organization, including location-based systems.

RPA & AI integrated solutions Division

hms’s RPA department enables organizations to significantly expand their organizational automation capabilities. This is done through extending the processes  of integration and automation also to business processes and IT management processes, which up until now were perceived to be too complex or expensive for implementation using standard technologies.

hms is UiPath’s only USN partner in Israel, performing implementations at a professional level identical to that of the manufacturer. Also, according to STKI survey, hms maintains, over the course of many years, the title of the leading company in Israel for implementation of RPA solutions.

Our RPA department offers a comprehensive service, from providing advice, through to solution implementation and set up, and providing RPA, AI and organizational automation optimal maintenance and operational services through organizational centers of excellence. That would also include carrying out Automated Testing, based on appropriate organizational architecture and structure. hms maintains the largest center of expertise in Israel for RPA and Testing Automation, which is based on proven methodologies.

hms clients enjoy qualitative, stable and fast RPA applications which include using organizational dashboards and ongoing monitoring of the robots’ activity. Additionally, the department has developed templates, directories and services which have upgraded the manufacturer’s platform, have expanded capabilities and  accelerated development, thereby achieving standardization for the development team. 

hms closely collaborates with the manufacturer of the platform, thereby ensuring the company remains at all times at the forefront of knowledge, and that it continues to provide the best service possible to its clients. 

Clients’ satisfaction is our top priority, and we therefore heavily invest in automation research and process development, and this also includes integration of AI solutions and processes by using new AI-based models. Our team is well experienced and familiar with UiPath platform architecture and all its technological aspects. We understand clients’ requirements and offer customized, made-to-measure solutions which personally fit every challenge.

Low Code Division

hms Group operates in the field of low code through Proceed-Tech – a company set up in 2022. Proceed-Tech focuses all its activities on acceleration and optimization of development processes, with an emphasis on the assimilating Low Code system – developed by OutSystems.

OutSystems’s platform enables organizations to develop organizational applications at a rate seven times faster than that of traditional software development. This makes it possible to accelerate product launch and save costs throughout all phases of the application’s lifespan. 

Proceed-Tech’s Professional team consists of OutSystems certified developers, characterization and architecture experts, technological team leaders and mobile developers, who help to develop and create cutting-edge applications via OutSystems – at a fraction of the cost and time, compared to traditional coding.

BPM / CRM Division

hms Group operates in the field of BPM/CRM through Proceed – a company which was acquired by hms Group in 2012. Proceed is the leading player in Israel in the project management field, providing a variety of services, including consulting, integration and training in the field of management of projects and portfolios, Governance, OCIO, and PMO. Proceed also leads PPM & PMO – Israel’s largest forum in this field, in collaboration with ‘People and Computers’. 

Proceed has made it its motto to promote values such as innovation, professionalism and uncompromising quality. Hence it has, throughout the years, seen through numerous implementations of efficient and innovative solutions based on local and international best-practices, integrated advanced technological products tailored to fit clients’ requirements, and has enhanced organizational management as well as planning and control processes. 

To maintain a competitive edge and continue to lead in this industry, Proceed focuses on recruiting high-quality teams who are trained experts in their respective fields, as well as on collaborating and working with Tier-1 organizations in Israel and worldwide.

Financial Data & Risk Division

In the business world, great importance is attributed to the significance of financial data and risk assessment, since these enable the making of informed decisions and the carrying out of optimal performance evaluation. They are also crucial to  creating investors’ confidence, compliance with regulatory requirements, and for effective risk management. We leverage data-driven insights in order to design, implement, review, and enhance expertise in processes which are based on financial data and make sure these processes are efficient and effective, by adopting a practical approach to instigating improvement and innovation.

Our Financial Data and Risk Department possesses a deep understanding of the complexities inherent in processes which involve financial data and the building of models. We are well-equipped with tools and methodologies  which provide optimal solution to a variety of requirements of financial institutions.

We are able to easily locate and connect experts coming from different fields and dealing with different issues, and are therefore able to provide solutions which involve financing, technical and operational requirements, industrial engineering, etc., which thereby meet the challenges our clients are facing. 

Our teams’ extensive experience, creative thinking and knowledge accumulated over the course of many years, enable us to provide solutions which are personally customized to fit any situation and requirement. 

We take pride in being able to offer our clients very diverse experience and expertise and the ability to explore different approaches and options – using the latest technologies and solutions. We are committed to ‘feeling the pulse‘, anticipating the future, identifying trends and recommended methods, and ensuring our clients are always kept up-to-date. 


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