Haim Reinhold

Board member, CIO & Head of Business Continuity, Cyber and IT Divisions

Haim is one of the pioneers in the field of business continuity in Israel and leads this field at hms, alongside managing the information security and cyber security division at the company. Haim is a multidisciplinary technologist and architect. He is highly experienced in risk management in a variety of fields, and an expert in strategic planning and in developing methodologies and complex models.
Haim joined hms in 1993 and in the past has acted as advisor to various financial organizations and management boards, governmental institutions, medical and industrial bodies etc. (assuming the role of a board member in some of them).
Haim is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in all matters relating to strategic planning and the setting up of solutions in the spheres of technology and operational continuity in governmental bodies and in most of Israel’s large companies and organizations.